Month: June 2018

If it’s useful and fast, please don’t change it.

I’ve been using the same online bill paying service for 20 years. It’s bare-bones simple and always has been. In 20 years, it has not changed once. They’ve not added any features and they’ve not changed the user interface. I use it to pay my bills once every month, which is something that unfortunately i’ll […]

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5 guys with 7,000 subscribing customers

This weekend the 5 of us at Schedulefly welcomed our 7,000th paying customer. 5 people serving 7,000 customers with over 300,000 servers, bartenders, hosts, managers etc. is so darn cool and we are so proud of it. And since there are dozens of scheduling software options for restaurants, our pride swells with every new customer […]

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Independents CAN beat chains, and many of them do.

Scott Maitland is the owner of Top of the Hill Restaurant, Brewery and Distillery in Chapel Hill NC. Scott literally started his business (over 20 years) ago to prevent a chain restaurant from dominating such a cool small college town. He and his team succeeded and still do today. Their mission is to embody and […]

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