5 guys with 7,000 subscribing customers

This weekend the 5 of us at Schedulefly welcomed our 7,000th paying customer. 5 people serving 7,000 customers with over 300,000 servers, bartenders, hosts, managers etc. is so darn cool and we are so proud of it. And since there are dozens of scheduling software options for restaurants, our pride swells with every new customer we bring on. You see, we don’t “sell” Schedulefly to an organization that mandates its use at all of its locations. We actually don’t sell it to anyone at all. Rather, we position ourselves to be found and to be chosen by the right customers. It’s a slower way to grow a software company- but it’s very manageable for the 5 of us and allows us to be with our kids and families and enjoy what we do. Borrowing someones money and hiring more people in an attempt to grow faster would ruin all of that.

So now we move towards 8,000 – and just like the last 7,000 – it will be done one restaurant at a time. The downside (if you can call it that) is that it will take a bit longer now than it used to – and might even take a few years – but the huge upside to that is…who. freaking. cares! And for that we are so thankful. We are so thankful no one here at Schedulefly expects us to grow faster. We are so thankful no one here worries about what other companies are doing. We are so thankful that no one here thinks we should be serving larger customers or customers in other industries. In our industry (software as a service with a big market to serve), this is rare. We are indeed lucky.

We are all so thankful and so happy to be doing what we do and thanks to all of our 7,000 customers for choosing us.