If it’s useful and fast, please don’t change it.

I’ve been using the same online bill paying service for 20 years. It’s bare-bones simple and always has been. In 20 years, it has not changed once. They’ve not added any features and they’ve not changed the user interface. I use it to pay my bills once every month, which is something that unfortunately i’ll have to do forever. The interface is so so simple. It has a list of all my payees – with a way to manage them (+/-) and a place to make a payment to one or more of them. It’s literally a few boxes and a couple of buttons. After I pull together all the bills I need to pay, I log in and enter the payments and then I go about my life. It’s lightening fast (likely due to its simplicity) and it works. Most of my bills are paid electronically right away – and a few receive a check within a few days. Not once in 20 years has a payee not been paid. Not once. So not once has this company let me down or have they changed what is already useful or have they contacted me to sell me something else. It’s reasonably priced and I’d honestly pay twice what they charge me. I love this company. I love everything about what they believe in.

Clearly we’ve always believed the same thing here at Schedulefly and we are occasionally reminded of the real impact this has on the people we serve. Recently I emailed the owner of a very successful restaurant group in Raleigh N.C that we’ve served for 7 years (to thank him for his business) – and he sent the nicest note back and said…“Awesome, thanks Wes. Schedulefly continues to be an amazing, headache-free tool for us, and we literally can’t say that about many other things we use regularly”. I really took that to heart. It’s fuel for the rest of my year, really.

So the moral of this story is: thank goodness there are technology companies around that understand that you don’t have to keep changing your product to stay relevant and useful. Let the competition be the ones that don’t understand that. You’ll end up being the one that they love.