An update for our amazing customers

Schedulefly Members,

First, thank you for being our customers. Y’all are awesome people who run amazing restaurants, and we’re very proud to serve you. 

Since we started in 2007 we’ve learned a lot from you through our everyday interactions with you and through our films/books/podcasts. You are focused on building institutions in your cities and towns. Institutions are places that endure, that you can rely on when you need a great experience, a connection, a consistent outcome you can anticipate and know you won’t be let down. You take great pride in what you do, you love your work, and every day you build more and better relationships in your communities.

Like you, we aim to build an institution in the restaurant community we serve. Unlike so many technology companies who aim to grow exponentially, scale up fast, and exit, we’re here for the long haul. We want to build a brand you can always rely on to provide simple solutions, offer tremendous customer service, and do outreach that’s beyond anything you’d expect from a small software company. 

We’ve also learned that you don’t believe technology makes a restaurant successful, but that people do. Sure, you need simple tools like Schedulefly to make life a little easier and free you up to focus energy on your teams and your guests. But you don’t need us to add tons of bells and whistles that sound great, but ultimately bog you down with a complicated tool. You just need our software to be fast, clean, crisp and reliably do its job. 

We’ve learned that you run your restaurants like families. You don’t micro-manage, you inspire. You value the human elements of trust, caring, respect, autonomy, transparency, and growth-through-learning-from-mistakes over using a top-down approach with an aim to enforce and control behavior. You understand that the kind of people that will be the best team members and take the best care of your guests won’t settle for anything less. There’s nothing more refreshing than serving and patronizing restaurants that operate that way. 

Last, we’ve learned that 1) you are working harder than ever to find creative ways to attract and retain talented people for your teams, and that 2) you are focusing more and more these days on building deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers. Therefore, we are working on an exciting (and simple) new tool we believe will help with both of these issues. A tool that puts your people, not technology, at the center of the action. More on this in 2019! 

In the mean time, we have the same small team of five people we’ve always had, we all love what we do, and we wake up every day thankful to work on something so fun and meaningful. Thank you for giving us that opportunity. 

The Schedulefly Crew (left to right around the table)
Wes, Hank, Wil, Charles & Tyler