Listen to Wil from Schedulefly talk about the importance of nailing the basics

Wil recently recorded a few thoughts about the importance of consistently nailing the basics. Honestly, this topic is relevant to just about everything in life – health, parenting, business etc. But in this case – Wil shares a story about how dropping the ball on the basics (and focusing on growth) caused a great local restaurant to struggle and lose sight of why they’d created loyal regular customers in the first place. Fortunately, some smart folks there realized what was happening and they are now working hard to get their ship back on course. Wil also talks about how this topic applies to Schedulefly and how important we believe the basics are to creating long time loyal customers and a great reputation and brand over time. We believe the way for Schedulefly (as well as our customers) to become institutions in our towns (or industries) is by consistently nailing the basics. Seems almost too easy and not a great strategy for growth…which is why we think it will ultimately become a nice competitive advantage over time.

Here’s Wil sharing that story and thoughts…


The Schedulefly Crew – Wes, Tyler, Wil, Charles and Hank

p.s The photo included is Wil with the owners of The Riverside Market in Fort Lauderdale, FL – a great customer of ours for the last 5 years. Lisa and Julian are role models for nailing the basics and creating loyal, regulars customers.