Podcast: Cheetie Kumar is a rockstar in every sense of the word.

Photo of Cheetie by Stacey Sprenz

What do a rock band member, a bar owner, a music venue owner, and a restaurant owner have in common? Cheetie Kumar, that’s what. Cheetie balances all of those things, and somehow does a great job all the way around. Several years ago, we spoke specifically about Garland, her restaurant, and also her newest venture at the time. We talked about everything from the difference between being a food lover (and cook) to being a restaurant owner, to the importance of good lease negotiation, to why it’s crucial to be observant and anticipate problems before the arise. Cheetie is a very inspiring person, and you can’t help but be inspired by her.

We are thankful for her business as well as the time she has generously spent with us. These days, I’d guess it would be a bit more difficult to grab much time from Cheetie. Between doing what she does every day and being nominated by the James Beard foundation as the Best Chef in America in 2017 and 2018 to being invited to cook the “meal of a lifeteime” at the James Beard House in September to her recent press in the NY Times – I’d bet she’s pretty short on time! As you’ll hear – she’s genuinely hospitable and deserves all of the success and attention. Enjoy…

Here’s the podcast..

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