Schedulefly <> Focus POS

We have recently completed our first integration with Focus POS, and are working on a handful of others to be announced shortly. Our integration with Focus allows mutual customers to have their scheduled shifts automatically sync’d with their POS for time clock enforcement. The POS will no longer allow time clock punches to happen outside the scheduled shift time (+/- a grace period that can be set). We are stoked to see it in action and we have a growing list of excited Focus POS customers that will have this wired up very soon.

We are working on this same integration with several other leading POS companies and are chomping at the bit to offer them at the beginning of 2019. In addition to time clock enforcement – we are also building some slick new Schedulefly reports showing forecasted vs actual (SF vs POS) on both sales and labor. 

We’ve put a lot of thought into offering this type of integration and have talked to many many customers (both existing and former) about the pros and cons for both sides. We are so darn lucky to have so many awesome people (using Schedulefly) to rap with about what’s most important to their success and happiness. We are so excited to have reached this point and to have realized a plan that will help them tighten up their labor costs and schedule smarter in the future.

More to come….