Schedulefly <> MobileBytes POS

We just finished our integration with MobileBytes – a cloud based POS system and are just now turning it on for our first customer. The integration is clean, simple and accurate. Here is what it does:

Realtime Sales & Labor Costs

We’ve added a new section (for mangers) on the dashboard of our mobile site that shows realtime sales and labor costs that have accumulated so far. It also shows these numbers as a % of forecasted sales and scheduled labor for the day. It’s a fast, simple way to keeps tabs on what’s actually happening at the restaurant vs. what was planned – giving the owner/manager an opportunity to adjust staffing in realtime as needed.

Time Clock Enforcement

Shifts scheduled in Schedulefly are sent to the POS each day – allowing time clock punches to be enforced against the schedule. The minute it is turned on, early clock-ins and late clock-outs are stopped.

Forecasted vs. Actual – Sales & Labor Comparison

We’ve added a super charged version of our Labor Cost report for integrated accounts that shows actual sales and labor vs. forecasted. Actual labor costs are also shown grouped by schedule, so you can keep a close eye on the variances at each job as well as the individual clockin/clockout times of each staff member.

We are stoked about the MobileBytes integration – they’ve made it very easy for us and offer a clear path for an integration we can be confident in. That’s been something we’ve really spent a lot of time thinking about. Can we be confident that the integration is solid and accurate and always available? That’s a tough thing to do even without integrating with other companies that have different service models and cultures. Our bar for service and delivery is set very high, so we have to carefully consider the kinds of companies we want to team up when offering something that’s not entirely under our control. Not every POS company lines up with Schedulefly in terms of simplicity, ease of use and customer happiness – but based on what we have seen and are hearing about MobileBytes from our customers so far – it sounds like a good one.

Wes, Tyler, Wil, Charles & Hank
The Schedulefly Crew