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Month: March 2008

Timely Alerts for Schedulefly Users….

We’ve launched a few changes over the weekend to help our admins more efficiently manage their staff’s time off requests…

* Email and text message alerts sent to admins when a time off request is made
* Ability to block time off requests for an entire day

We have also simplifed our alerting system – giving every user the option to be alerted by email and/or text message when one of the following events take place…

* New Schedule Posted
* Posted Schedule Changed
* Shift Given Up
* Shift Picked Up
* Time Off Request Submitted
* Time Off Request Declined
* Company Message Posted

NEW – Schedulefly Time Off Management System (TOMS)

We are pleased to announce a new Schedulefly enhancement to help our admin users manage their staff’s time off requests. The Time Off Management System (TOMS) allows them to survey their staff’s availability for the week and decline any time off requests they need to in order to be sure they have proper coverage. Comments can also be added to the decline – which are then sent with the decline as an email alert to the appropriate employees.

Here is a screen shot of TOMS – showing availability for all schedules for a particular day and day part….

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