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Month: July 2008

Schedulefly Launches Twitter Integration

Schedulefly users can now post updates to their Twitter account while checking their work schedule, posting messages or trading shifts. More and more people are using Schedulefly on a daily basis to connect with their co-workers for various reasons. We thought that the Twitter question “what are you doing?” was a good question to ask Schedulefly users while they are logged in – since they are often taking some action or learning something that directly or indirectly affects those around them….

A couple of examples:

1. You’re Requesting Time Off: Drop a tweet to let Mom, Dad, big brother and little sister know that you just asked off for the family beach vacation – WELL in advance. They can now send the deposit and start planning!

2. You’re Picking up a Shift: It’s Friday morning and you just picked up a Friday night shift. Drop a tweet to your friends to let them know you’ll be arriving fashionably late to the party that night….but with cash in your pocket!

3. You’re Reading a Message on the Company Message Board: You just read a message from your manager that tomorrow night is half price appetizers and $2 Margaritas – Spread the Word! Drop a quick tweet to let your crew know….your manager will thank you.

We’ve also added the twitter timeline of a user to their Schedulefly profile – along side their contact information and upcoming work schedule.

Twitter is fun and certainly useful. It definitely adds some fun and usefulness to online employee scheduling at Schedulefly. Thanks Twitter – for a great API!

Schedulefly Team
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Schedulefly Featured On

We ran across a very cool social networking site for the Restaurant+Bar community called It’s kind of like Facebook, but created by and for members of the food and bar industry.

Join BiteClub and you can:

– Maintain a direct dialogue with restaurant and bar insiders
– Promote your restaurant, bar or product
– Post and find jobs
– Create a culinary group
– Discover new places
– Plan and promote your events

Schedulefly has created a BiteClub profile in their Product section and is busy connecting with restaurant and bar owners, managers, employees and other businesses in the industry. It is a great tool for making connections in the industry. Make sure to connect with us after you Join!

Our online scheduling and employee communication platform was recently featured in their latest member newsletter….included below.

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Happy Thursday Biters,

Are you…

• A BiteClub member who loves the community?

• Someone who loves turning other on to new things?

• Always hanging around with service industry types?

Then you should become an official BiteClub Ambassador. We have launched a new program where we are enlisting 20 people to represent BiteClub in their region, and get rewarded for it. Check out the details HERE.

What’s Happening On The Site

How To Get A Job

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the fundamentals, the basics. Here’s a great blog written by a Human Resources manager. Need a job? Follow these tips for a resume that will get you noticed…in a good way. If you have some input, please weigh in.

The “you people get paid hourly” Guy

Funny and even if you’re not in the bar industry, you’ll say, “What a cheapskate!” CLICK HERE.


Schedulefly is an easy-to-use online employee scheduling software application serving the restaurant industry. Restaurant managers create, post and manage weekly schedules from anywhere, anytime. Employees simply login at to check their schedule, read important company messages, trade shifts with other employees and more. Schedulefly allows you to improve the relationship between management and an increasingly web-savvy, mobile workforce. CLICK HERE for more information.


Rossy is a chef among chefs. She makes an amazing hot sauce. She’s always biting and if you catch her online, which you usually can, drop her an Instant Message. She’s delightful!

Rossy’s Snapshot:

Location: Canada

Gender: Female

First job: Nutrition & Kitchen manager at a Daycare Center

Where I work: Arbour Restaurant

Best things about my gig: Full freedom to create & cook whatever I want

Worst things about my gig: Occasional menu interference. Paperwork.

Joined BiteClub for: Networking, Friendship, connections

Signature recipe: Phad Thai

Home Town: Panama & Canada

Favorite restaurants: Centro, North 44, Smokeless Joe, Richlee’s, ByMark, Kama, 1985, La Mexicana, Susur, etc etc etc

This is always in my fridge: Garlic, Sambal Oelek

Favorite munchies: Dim Sum, Smoked Oysters, grilled cheese

Interests and hobbies: Art, reading, live music, theatre, movies

Recommended reading: Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, Da Vinci’s Kitchen, Eat Pray Love

Tools of the trade: HTC phone, pen & paper, digital camera, Advil, water bottle, tunes, sense of humour, knife

Last vacation: Bordeaux, France

What makes a good chef: genuine love for the trade, one who knows how to listen, when to ask for help & never stops learning.

My biggest responsibilities to the public: To not poison them

Learn more about our Featured Biter on her profile, CLICK HERE

Schedulefly Success Story – Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers

Mellow Mushroom redefines the employee scheduling process and improves restaurant operations with Schedulefly.

Mellow Mushroom’s primary challenge was keeping track of employee schedules on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. On what should have been a light responsibility, the business owner and scheduling manager were both devoting several hours out of their workday to chronic scheduling pains.

Scheduling errors cost the company money in over and under-staffed shifts, not to mention valuable time that could be spent on other restaurant activities. “We were inundated on a daily basis with phone calls, voicemails and emails from our employees asking to reschedule their shifts for various reasons,” said Karen Busick, Mellow Mushroom scheduling manager. “Since we relied on one master scheduling book, every schedule change was an exhausting and tedious correction. All it took was one employee missing a shift for us to waste hours trying to find a replacement.”

Mellow Mushroom needed an easy-to-use solution to streamline the scheduling process. They needed an effective system to communicate instantly with the entire staff about scheduling or restaurant news. Mellow Mushroom could not afford to waste time and money manually correcting the scheduling book – this valuable time needed to be spent better serving their customers.

Fox discovered Schedulefly after looking for a new system to rid his business of their scheduling dilemmas. He immediately recognized that Schedulefly aligned with the restaurant’s needs. “Before Schedulefly, we relied on one scheduling book in the back office,” said Fox. “The book was borderline illegible with eraser marks and sticky notes added each time there was a schedule change. We knew we needed a solution that was user-friendly and could be accessed anywhere at anytime.”

Schedulefly delivered a complete scheduling solution that immediately satisfied that need. Soon, all of Mellow Mushroom’s staff had web access to Schedulefly. They could log-in and post shift change and time off requests. In addition they could customize their communication settings to receive emails or text messages with schedule updates. “I rely heavily on the Internet and my cell phone for communicating, as do most of my co-workers,” said David Focault, Mellow Mushroom server. “I used to waste a ton of time driving to the restaurant just to check my schedule – now it’s as simple as checking email right online.”

Mellow Mushroom management now enjoys more flexibility. They no longer sort through heaps of information – all of the scheduling data is cleanly organized online. Even the historical data is saved to reference at any time. In addition, they connect with the whole work staff quickly and easily on the message boards. “If we have a 70 degree day in January we can open our patio for business,” said Fox. “In that scenario we need more staff – we simply post a message on Schedulefly and we schedule available staff effortlessly”.

Using instant communication functions like text messaging and online message boards has made scheduling simple – in addition to creating a sense of community among the restaurant staff. “I check out Schedulefly to stay informed about social gatherings with my co-workers,” said Focault. “If my co-worker’s dog is sick, I know about it. It is really great how connected we have become as a staff since instituting Schedulefly.”

However, the greatest value is freeing time to better serve the customer. “Schedulefly has saved me more than 5 hours a week, which translates to nearly 960 extra hours over a year,” said Busick. “That’s huge.” And with more than half of Busick’s work day freed up to focus on the customer experience, Mellow Mushroom continues to thrive as a popular dining destination. “When you consider the low subscription fee, time savings and improved operating efficiency – Schedulefly really is a no-brainer,” concluded Busick.

Download the PDF version of this case study.

The Schedulefly Team

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