Podcast: Chai Pani team visits India

Chai Pani Restaurant Group recently sent five team members to India for twelve days, to get a true, deep understanding of the inspiration for Chai Pani, Indian street food. Three of the team members, Isaac, Andy and Gavin sat down with Wil to share why they went, what they learned, and how the trip impacted... Continue Reading →

Schedulefly at more than one job…

As we talked about many times in the past - we don't sell have sales people at Schedulefly. We don't have "boots on the ground" visiting restaurants and we don't have an inside sales team making cold phone calls and filling up a CRM with leads. We've taken a different approach and pushed all our... Continue Reading →

Schedulefly <> MobileBytes POS

We just finished our integration with MobileBytes - a cloud based POS system and are just now turning it on for our first customer. The integration is clean, simple and accurate. Here is what it does: Realtime Sales & Labor Costs We’ve added a new section (for mangers) on the dashboard of our mobile site... Continue Reading →

Schedulefly <> Focus POS

We have recently completed our first integration with Focus POS, and are working on a handful of others to be announced shortly. Our integration with Focus allows mutual customers to have their scheduled shifts automatically sync'd with their POS for time clock enforcement. The POS will no longer allow time clock punches to happen outside... Continue Reading →

An update for our amazing customers

Schedulefly Members, First, thank you for being our customers. Y'all are awesome people who run amazing restaurants, and we're very proud to serve you.  Since we started in 2007 we've learned a lot from you through our everyday interactions with you and through our films/books/podcasts. You are focused on building institutions in your cities and... Continue Reading →

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