Our team is our magic (new video)

A short and sweet video of Brandon Viebrock of Cowbell Burger & Bar, Mortimer's Cafe & Pub, Leroy Fox in Charlotte talking about his team being the magic behind his restaurants' success...(If you are reading this in email and don't see the video, it's here).You can view more videos of Brandon and other successful owners... Continue Reading →

Growing your business with passion

Brandon Viebrock co-owns three very successful restaurants (Cowbell Burger & Bar, Mortimer's Cafe & Pub, Leroy Fox) in Charlotte, and he talks here about how he and his partners are keeping the passion and culture they cultivated from the very beginning as they grow. (If you are reading this post in an email and don't... Continue Reading →

Lead by example (new vid)

When Luke and I filmed Brandon Viebrock's Restaurant Owners Uncorked interview recently, Brandon talked about leading by example. In my experience, lots of people say they lead by example, but only a rare few do it consistently and do it with gusto, passion, and a true conviction that there is no other way to go... Continue Reading →

Terror and clapping on my street

Right around the corner from my house (slash office) in Wilmington NC is Screen Gems studios – where they film all kinds of movies and tv shows. Our neighborhood is an old neighborhood with some cool old houses and they frequently leave the studio and film at houses in our hood. When they film near... Continue Reading →

5 great reasons to NOT raise money

I blogged this about a year ago and thought it was worth a re-post:People who invest money in your business have 3 words to describe why they are doing it. “Return On Investment”. But as a small business owner there are so many other enjoyable things about the journey - like the freedom and the... Continue Reading →

Sign this NDA for our RFP so we can CYA

Recently I received a call from the corporate office of a franchise organization. The nice gentleman on the phone told me that a few dozen of their franchisees were using Schedulefly and liked it, so the organization would like to invite us to participate in their RFP (request for proposal) to become that organization's preferred... Continue Reading →

Fun pics from our recent video shoot…

I snapped a few pics while we were at Cowbell in Charlotte last week interviewing co-owner Brandon Viebrock for our Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series... We'll be finished with Brandon's videos in the next week or so, and they are gonna be great! Wilp.s. We've made around 35 professionally produced, 1-3 minute videos for the... Continue Reading →

We’re (sort of) on Twitter!

Recently I created a Twitter account to help spread our Restaurant Owners Uncorked (ROU) videos. It's @ROUvids. While we don't have a Schedulefly presence on Twitter, it seemed like a great tool to help people share videos they enjoy.We've made around 35 vids so far, and I've tweeted all of them. They're professionally produced, 1-... Continue Reading →

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