Schedulefly Podcast with Wil and Wes

Wil and I recently started a podcast that was inspired by years of communication we've had back and forth via voice notes. Instead of bothering each other with phone calls - we almost always send voice notes. In fact - we were laughing today when we realized we have not talked live to each other... Continue Reading →

Our next film…

We are working on The Story of Bida Manda, about Van Nolintha (below) and how Bida Manda, one of the most popular and respected restaurants in N.C., came to be. It's a story of deep parental love, hard work, deflating road blocks, family, friends, and a maker authentically expressing his vision and the feelings rooted... Continue Reading →

We don’t back down to corporate bullies

‚Äč"Wil, independent restaurants understand that large fifty million dollar companies like mine get better pricing."That's what the director of operations of a large restaurant group told me this week. He was pressing me to give his restaurants a better multi-unit discount than the standard 10% discount we give all customers with more than one account.... Continue Reading →

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