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Month: January 2009

Dolce and Ketchup Loving Schedulefly

The Dolce Group and Schedulefly have teamed up to bring Online Employee Scheduling to one of the leading and trendiest hospitality groups in the country. They have certainly set the bar for trendy restaurants across the country with concepts such as Dolce and Les Deux in West Hollywood – and now that they have moved their schedules and employee data to the web – they have raised the bar even higher!

Sam Rubin – Dolce’s Director of Marketing had this to say about the impact Schedulefly has had on The Dolce Group’s concepts so far…

“Schedulefly is hands-down the best resource we have implemented at our restaurants. The staff absolutely love that they get their schedules sent via text and on Facebook and those that have an iPhone – love the mobile application.

With Schedulefly we have eliminated any errors in scheduling due to availability and the shift change process is fool proof. I would put Schedulefly as a must have application for any restaurant (even before a POS system or reservation system). Best of all…the staff LOVE Schedulefly.”

Sam is one of the hardest working managers we’ve run across and has provided really great feedback over the last year that has turned directly into new features. I will always remember that evening when Sam called, clearly on a busy Friday night, while away from the computer, and said – “Hey – it’s great and all that I get these shift trade alerts on my blackberry – but it’s a huge pain to have to go find a computer to approve them! Can I get an approve link and a box to add comments?”

This was such a great call – because we knew Sam was on his way to changing the way he dealt with schedule changes – forever. That night – we added that link to the blackberry alert for Sam and every other scheduling manager using Schedulefly.

We look forward to working with Sam and his team as we introduce Schedulefly to more of Dolce Group’s concepts.

The Schedulefly Team

Cheeburger Cheeburger Selects Schedulefly as Preferred Online Scheduling Tool

We are proud to have been selected as the preferred online employee scheduling vendor for the Cheeburger Cheeburger family! After successfully piloting and rolling out Schedulefly to its Lonetree CO, Manalapan NJ and Sanibel Island locations – with an average of over 40 staff at each – the corporate team felt confident in recommending Schedulefly to its franchises.

The following is quote from Jeffrey Jablow – Director of Training and Menu Development at Cheeburger Cheeburger.

“We are excited to have selected Schedulefly as our preferred online employee scheduling vendor. Schedulefly’s application is extremely easy to use and roll out – easier than we could have imagined – and the most intuitive of any of the tools we considered. We didn’t need training – it is truly as easy as 1-2-3!

On top of that, the Schedulefly team is very flexible and nimble, and demonstrates a strong customer-centric approach that we believe differentiates them as a true business partner.”

Have you ever had one of their burgers? I had my first while on vacation in Naples Florida with my family about 5 years ago. We rode our bikes down to Cheeburger on the first day of our week vacation – and then rode almost every day after. We could not get enough…you should go get one soon.

The Schedulefly Team
Wes, Wil and Tyler

Twitter – A Simple Tool for Connecting Restaurants with their Customers

We are starting to see more and more of our customers using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to connect with their customers. Twitter is a great one for building awareness about your product or service – and connecting with “followers” who share your same interests and/or are interested in updates from your business. The team here at Schedulefly uses Twitter to connect with our customers, friends and industry experts to let them know about projects are working on and exciting news at our company….and some random stuff to keep it fun.

It could be a very interesting marketing tool for restaurants looking to broadcast updates to customers – possibly including specials, menu changes and maybe even real time updates on how busy the restaurant is and whether there is a wait. It’s also great for promoting your website/business as well since twitter posts are indexed very quickly by search engines – and can link back to your website.

Here are a few interesting ideas as possible twitter “tweets” to customers….

– Tweet lunch specials to local businesses
– Tweet whether or not there is a wait
– Ask customers for feedback on new menu items (“crowd sourcing”)
– Tweet daily or weekly coupons (with links to printable coupons)
– Accept reservations and/or orders via Tweets (maybe Direct Message tweets)

Here are a few good short posts on this topic and some more ideas –

If you are already doing this or decide to try it – let us know how it is going!

Schedulefly Team

Are you Passionate about the Customer Experience?

In every business – taking care of your customer and the customer experience is more important than ever – it creates a loyal customer who will keep coming back. The customer has so many options and especially in today’s economy – he or she will always choose the product or service that they know will give them a great return on their investment – whether that is a meal out or a new pair of shoes. My family has always enjoyed eating out. Cooking is fun now and then – but it is such a luxury to have someone set your table, seat you, suggest specials, make and bring you your favorite drink and serve you a wonderful meal. Best of all – they do the dishes! This has become even more of a luxury in the last year.

Like many families now – we no longer eat out 2 or 3 nights a week. We eat out maybe once a week – if that. I’ve found that we also tend to stick to the places we have been before – or have heard of from friends and family that had a great experience there. We go where the love is. We tend to go back to the restaurants that remember us – they remember my son likes the crayons and my wife likes un-sweet iced tea. They have happy employees who smile and say “welcome back” – every time. Because of this – we are loyal customers. The food at our favorite places is certainly good (got to have good food) – but in some cases – I am sure it’s not as good as the place next door. It’s the love and the entire customer experience that brings us back. We know, that on our one night out, we are not taking a risk. We will indeed have good food and more importantly – a great time.

Our customers are most likely feeling the impact of what I’ve described above. Our online employee scheduling service can help ensure they are delivering an exceptional customer experience. How? For starters, they can:

1. Cut scheduling time by at 50% (usually more) and use this saved time to focus on delivering a world class experience to help attract and retain customers.

2. Generate employee delight and reduce turnover: No more need to call or drive to check their schedule; it’s available 24/7 online. Managers have all the critical information they need, at their finger tips, when making the schedule. Their staff receives their schedule and schedule changes via email, text message, and their Facebook page! Happy, engaged and informed employees definitely make for a better customer experience.

3. Go Green! Our software can facilitate their efforts by reducing paper waste and their overall carbon footprint. One of our customers with only 50 employees (who were all forbidden to call in to check schedules) has estimated that his staff is driving 20,000 miles less per year since switching to online employee scheduling.

For us here at Schedulefly it is the same. We work hard to make sure our customers enjoy our service and our product. We love to hear from them and we love to interact with them and make them feel at home. We know they are spending their hard earned dollars with us – and we make sure they feel good about that. Our product is good, getting better each month and they can count on that. Our service and the intimate customer care we deliver is what makes them loyal.

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