What’s the Rush?

We are in our 11th year here at Schedulefly and in many ways just now finding our stride. I mean that in terms of what we believe in and who we want to serve. Financially - we grow slower than we used to - simply because we have more customers - so there are more... Continue Reading →

Friends of Schedulefly: Meherwan Irani

""Not only does Schedulefly give us an indispensable product but they deeply care about what they do and how they do it, and that’s a level of authenticity that makes us proud to be their customers and friends." - Meherwn Irani Created by husband and wife team Meherwan and Molly Irani, the Chai Pani Restaurant... Continue Reading →

Schedulefly vs. $50,000,000

Restaurant employee scheduling software is becoming big business! Over the last few years, other companies aiming to serve the same people we serve have raised over $50,000,000 in venture capital. We've raised $0. It's not that we haven't been able to raise money (we get lots of offers). It's that we don't want to. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

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