A Knob Creek Cheers Over Email

Last week Wes sent me an email with no subject, and no text. It simply contained the pic to the right. But I smiled wryly when I received it, knowing exactly what it was about. We had just passed a cool milestone for our business, and he was having a late afternoon celebratory drink. That's... Continue Reading →

Mr. President, Thank You for Visiting Us Tonight

We've noticed an interesting trend recently. Our customers tend to attract Presidents! President Obama ate at Corner Kitchen while visiting Asheville, NC last Spring. And he loves the Chicago-style pizza from Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis. Meanwhile, former President Clinton and Secretary of State Clinton have twice visited Red Hat on the River in Irvington-On-Hudson,... Continue Reading →

Be Like Zappos. Any Way You Can.

Want your customers to return, again, and again, and again? Want them to proactively tell people how awesome you are? Then be like Zappos. Any way you can. Yesterday was a Sunday, and yesterday at 10:30am I clicked to purchase a pair of the shoes from Zappos. Again...on a Sunday. The box pictured below arrived... Continue Reading →

Don’t Mess With My Margins!

I listened to a really interesting presentation this weekend on living your life with "margins". It seems most people don't have margin in their life - or extra space or time or money that is not used. They push themselves to the edge - financially and emotionally and spiritually etc. Some even squeeze the healthy... Continue Reading →

Coffee Shops Tend To Dig Our Stuff

Coffee shops often have relatively young, web-savvy staff members and managers. They Blog, they Twitter, they Facebook, etc. And their customers do too - it's all part of the experience of getting stuff done while you hang out in a coffee shop and not in an office. Been in any coffee shop lately that did... Continue Reading →

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