Just do what works

In 8th grade my basketball coach was constantly correcting me because I didn't have the correct form when I shot the ball. I'm right handed, and my right elbow bowed out to the right side when I shot. He told me it should be directly below my hand. He showed me several examples of college... Continue Reading →

Why we aren’t slaves to growth

A couple of years ago a CEO of another company called (we'll call him John) and said he'd like to partner with us. He told me his company has 20,000 restaurant customers and he said he could get us connected with them and help us get from the 4,000 customers we had at the time... Continue Reading →

Here’s our new video "The Barista"

We took last year off of making videos, but we're back it in 2016 and we're stoked as heck to present "The Barista." Enjoy...https://player.vimeo.com/video/150449974(If you're viewing this in an email and don't see the video, hit this link.We've got a few more vids planned this year. If you like this, here's our "people of indie... Continue Reading →

Top 10 things we did not do in 2015

Last day of 2015! What a great year for our company. I wanted to thank the almost 1,800 new restaurants that started subscribing to Schedulefly in 2015. Wow! We truly appreciate you choosing us to help make life just a little easier at your restaurants. 2016 will be our 9th year as a company and... Continue Reading →

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