Month: October 2015

What any entrepreneur can learn from successful restaurant owners (re-post)

I posted this 3.5 years ago. These quotes are timeless… ————– “You have to think long term when you choose your investors. It’s like marrying into a family. They have to trust you explicitly. And vice versa.” “If you are going to raise money, start your pitches with your worst prospects. By the time you […]

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To stay trendy, you might have to stay small

I recall an episode of Shark Tank where the entrepreneur had a company that was doing quite well and had a bunch of loyal fans and a trendy product – but were definitely an unknown underground kind of company. I don’t remember the exact revenue numbers this guy shared – but I think they were […]

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Caring about who you serve

Seems like every week I get at least one email from someone trying to sell us something that Schedulefly would use – software usually. In most cases – it’s a sales pitch that sounds as if it were sent to 10,000 other businesses too – they just inserted my name at the beginning. I ignore […]

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