New ROU Video: Scott Maitland, part I

We continue the Restaurant Owners Uncorked (ROU) video series with Scott Maitland, owner of Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery in Chapel Hill, N.C. Scott started his restaurant fifteen years ago to prevent a chain restaurant from opening in one of the premier restaurant locations in Chapel Hill. He now runs a $7,000,000 per... Continue Reading →

What do restaurants think we do?

When restaurants sign up for our free trial, we ask them what they hope Schedulefly will do for their team. It might seem like a silly question to some who signup - but most people actually do answer the question. We like asking because we are curious. It gives us a good idea right off... Continue Reading →

Our New Video

We just finished putting together our new promotional video and it's awesome! A big thanks to Luke Pearson at Lift Films and the crew at Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery in Chapel Hill NC. Check it out! Wes

This vid is so good it’s worth re-posting…

If you haven't watched the first Dave Query video from the Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series, it's below. You gotta watch it. If you have watched it, watch again. All of Dave Query's videos in this series are GREAT, but this one in particular strikes me because it contains such incredible business wisdom for any... Continue Reading →

Why word-of-mouth matters more than ever…

We need a new refrigerator in our house, and after spending a ton of time this week trying to determine which fridge to purchase by visiting appliance stores, doing research on manufacturer's web sites, and reading online product reviews from people I don't know and have no reason to trust, I decided to send an... Continue Reading →

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