Photo of the Schedulefly Crew

We got a great photo yesterday of all 5 of us at Tower 7 Baja Mexican Grill in Wrightsville Beach NC. I thought I'd share because it's always cool to see the people who run a company. From left to right around the table it's myself, Hank, Wil, Charles & Tyler. It's a great team... Continue Reading →

Great vs. Big

A few years ago we outlined a few goals for our company. They had nothing to do with metrics, like number of customers or revenues or whatever. Rather, they were things like "Be the most beloved brand that serves the restaurant industry" (which I'll blog about soon) and the reason for today's post: "Build a... Continue Reading →

We don’t open for 15 more minutes

Yesterday my family and I had lunch out - after church - and the experience made me think about some really great advice shared in one of our Restaurant Owners Uncorked videos. We arrived 15 minutes earlier than they opened (although the doors were open – so it appeared open) thinking they had a Sunday... Continue Reading →


I was on the water a few days ago with my son and he was pointing out every single boat he saw – and which ones he liked and which ones he did not. He is 5 and already favors certain kinds of boats. Of course his favorites right now are the big ones and... Continue Reading →

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