Month: November 2009

Introducing Quick Staff Updates – A Daily Stream Of Updates From Your Employees

I’m not sure if Twitter realized what impact the question “What are You Doing?” would have on the world when they got started – but wow – it’s changing the way humans communicate. That one simple question is getting answered every second now – and not just be your friends, but also by your colleagues […]

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Social Restaurant Scheduling with Schedulefly

Let’s face it: Software does not make good schedules. People do. Creating a staff schedule for the restaurant that satisfies owners, managers, staff and customers is not easy. Sure, availability and seniority are variables but so are unexpected life events affecting the staff, weather changes, personalities that no longer work well together, nightly reservations, expected […]

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Tell Your Employees, Facebook Fans, and Twitter Followers About Specials & Discounts with Schedulefly

We realized recently that when our restaurant customers need to tell their employees about specials and discounts, they broadcast messages on their Schedulefly Message Walls. Employees can log in and see the messages, and they can also receive them as texts and emails. Easy enough – and simple and fun at the same time. But […]

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