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Month: November 2009

Introducing Quick Staff Updates – A Daily Stream Of Updates From Your Employees

I’m not sure if Twitter realized what impact the question “What are You Doing?” would have on the world when they got started – but wow – it’s changing the way humans communicate. That one simple question is getting answered every second now – and not just be your friends, but also by your colleagues and fellow employees.

That’s right – it’s now a question asked in many business applications like and It is actually a really a powerful question to ask in a private intranet application like Salesforce – since it’s helpful to know what your co-workers are working on or what they are thinking about it. During his keynote speech last week at DreamForce, Marc Benioff (CEO of said it perfectly: “Why is that I know my friends are going to the movies tonight, but I had no idea that my VP of Sales is visiting our #1 customer today?” Good point.

We believe this question is also a good one to ask your staff at the restaurant – often. As scheduling manager or an owner or a fellow employee – it is helpful to know when someone is running late to work or when they just took a last minute reservation over the phone for 100 people tomorrow at lunch. These are not planned events, they are not things the schedule could ever know about – but they absolutely affect the restaurant’s ability to run smoothly.

Quick Staff Updates is a simple new tool in Schedulefly integrated into our Message Wall and is like a private daily stream of updates from staff at your restaurant. The Message Wall has always been a super tool for broadcasting messages to staff – but quick, short, time sensitive messages can sometimes get lost in the middle of longer, more static wall posts and conversations.

The staff updates are short (140 characters or less), timely thoughts they are having while logged into Schedulefly and checking the schedule, requesting time off, approving shift trades, whatever. They keep management and staff informed on things going on at work and in their daily lives – things that are often affecting the business in some way.

Here are a few screen shots of Quick Status Updates – on the Schedulefly Home tab and our iPhone application.

We are happy to help our customers reap the huge benefits of improving communication. Just one more way we are making our customers’ lives easier.

The Schedulefly Team

Social Restaurant Scheduling with Schedulefly

Let’s face it: Software does not make good schedules. People do. Creating a staff schedule for the restaurant that satisfies owners, managers, staff and customers is not easy. Sure, availability and seniority are variables but so are unexpected life events affecting the staff, weather changes, personalities that no longer work well together, nightly reservations, expected business, loyal customer’s favorite staff and on and on. In order to create that ideal schedule that makes the restaurant hum day in and day out takes effective communication tools and frequent input from everyone on the schedule.

I guess our point is this: We believe passionately that Scheduling effectively is a very social process and that is why we created Schedulefly. Since communication amongst the team is critical when creating (and changing) a schedule – you need a tool to bring everyone together to help. With Schedulefly, employees and managers not only sync up on availability – they also exchange messages and easily update each other with what they are doing outside of work that might affect the schedule. Managers frequently communicate new dinner specials, customer comments and new company policies via their Schedulefly Message Wall. Staff let people know when they need to pick up shifts – or when they need to give up shifts. They use profile pictures to easily get to know who their fellow employees are and visit those employee profiles to find contact information, work preferences and upcoming scheduled shifts. They can even select their “Favorite” employees to easily keep up with when they will be working together. We all know who you are working with this week is sometimes as important as when you are working!

Here is a shot of the home tab showing upcoming shifts, manager log entries (Fly Notes), new inbox messages, message wall posts, the weather forecast and more.

Here is a shot of daily status updates posted by staff – shown on the home tab as well. Always helpful to know what’s on the mind of your staff when they log in.

Here is an employee profile showing contact information, upcoming shifts, links to fellow co-workers, a personal message wall, latest status update and more.

We would love to have you kick the tires and give every feature we have a test drive. We will only ride in the backseat if you want us to!

The Schedulefly Team

Tell Your Employees, Facebook Fans, and Twitter Followers About Specials & Discounts with Schedulefly

We realized recently that when our restaurant customers need to tell their employees about specials and discounts, they broadcast messages on their Schedulefly Message Walls. Employees can log in and see the messages, and they can also receive them as texts and emails. Easy enough – and simple and fun at the same time.

But we got to thinking, and realized we should let our customers tell their Facebook fans and Twitter followers about those specials and discounts at the same time they are telling their employees. And, poof, it was done.

That’s right – our customers post specials and discounts to their Facebook and Twitter pages while they are logged into Schedulefly. Even better, their employees become brand evangelists, and post those same specials to their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, which exponentially increases the audience our customers are connecting with.

And like everything we do at Schedulefly, we made the process simple, easy, intuitive – and FUN!

Come on and give it a try. We would love to have you join our growing family.

The Schedulefly team

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