More quick vids from Boulder…

It was so fun last week to walk up and down Pearl Street in Boulder and to see so many Schedulefly customers. Luke and I went outside to get b-roll footage, and within a few blocks of Big Red F's restaurants were a whole slew of customers. The Kitchen. Salt. Hapa Sushi. And more. So... Continue Reading →

You only come through here once

That’s what an old, well known, Fly Fisherman from the Florida Keys told me once as I pondered buying a classic fly rod that is not made any longer. It was used, in great shape and hard to find....yet the last thing I needed was another expensive fly rod. As I held it and felt... Continue Reading →

Boulder, here we come…

I'm heading to the airport in a bit to hop on a flight with Luke Pearson to Boulder, where we're filming the second video in our Restaurant Owners Uncorked video series, plus getting footage for our new home page video. I'm hauling some Schedulefly check presenters, made by Holly Aiken, the maker of the coolest... Continue Reading →


When I was interviewing each of the twenty restaurant owners featured in our book, Restaurant Owners Uncorked ("ROU"), I kept thinking how incredible it was to have the opportunity to conduct the interviews. It was awesome to be able to write their words into our book, but hearing them speak them is something entirely different.... Continue Reading →

"Man, that’s just not our style."

My friend recently suggested we do some traditional marketing. Him: "Why not run some adds to help promote your brand?"Me: "Well, it's a great idea, but that's not really our style."Him: "I hear ya, but I was thinking of some really cool, fun ads that match your vibe. You've said yourself there are still hundreds... Continue Reading →

Communication breakdown…

The written word is an interesting thing, isn't it? You don't hear the author's voice, so you often don't know the tone. We've all experienced it. You read an email in your voice and assume the author had a certain tone. You read it again. And again. And, yes, you are sure the person must... Continue Reading →

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