"The Pastry Chef" (new video)

"The more you do to something, the more somebody is going to be able to tell that you did things to it." So says Andrew Ullom of Ashley Christensen Restaurants in Raleigh, N.C. as he talks about using high quality ingredients and keeping his food simple. Enjoy this short video featuring Andrew sharing his story... Continue Reading →

Why mess with a good thing?

My friend who owns burger-centric restaurant tells me that one of his non-operating investor partners wants to use a lower quality, less expensive beef in order to shave 2% off of food costs. My buddy pushed back, saying they can measure food costs, but they'd risk losing customers and doing possibly irreparable harm to their... Continue Reading →

What we don’t do is important too

On our story page, we say that "We are on a mission to build a brand independent restaurants admire and love." We talk about this a lot and wanted to put that on the site because it's true and (frankly) something that not many companies that serve restaurants probably care about. Achieving this of course... Continue Reading →

A really long text

My friend asked my advice on a software business he is helping launch. He wanted me to check out their web site and offer my opinion. This morning I ripped through a few cups of coffee and did what he asked. Apparently the caffeine took over my brain and fingertips, because my response was the... Continue Reading →

We are successful to be together

7 Years ago, my friend Douglas sent an email to me and another friend just before our yearly fall fly fishing trip to Cape Lookout NC and a special place called "the hook". I re-read it last night and wanted to share it here because it's just awesome and much more fun to read than... Continue Reading →

I remember

Today Wil and I were texting about some random funny stuff and one of the serious things was that it’s now September and we have 325+ restaurants in a free trial right now. We thought it was cool because normally by the 4th quarter of the year we start to slow down a tad when... Continue Reading →

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