Sticking to your beliefs

When I interviewed Bret Oliverio from Sup Dogs for our second Restaurant Owners Uncorked book (it's coming soon - the first book is here on Amazon), we had an interesting exchange about being bold enough to be different from the crowd... Wil - "One of my favorite business books is called Different: Escaping the Competitive... Continue Reading →

New book coming soon!

We've been hard at work on the next Restaurant Owners Uncorked book. The first one, available here on Amazon, came out five years ago next month. It has sold around 15,000 copies and has received great reviews. If you'd be interested in knowing the stories of 20 successful independent restaurant owners, you'll enjoy it. All... Continue Reading →

New mobile site – get it on the internet!

Today we launched a new Schedulefly mobile site. It's really sweet and it works on any device of any size. Rather than write complicated apps for specific devices, we are putting our effort into one simple, well designed site for everyone. It keeps things much simpler for us all around. And honestly - downloading and... Continue Reading →

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