Month: April 2017

We hope you use Schedulefly less, not more, over time

When I watched this “60 Minutes” report on how major technology companies are using their knowledge of brain science to try to keep us staring at our phones as often as possible, it made me cringe. They are trying to cause us to be addicted to our phones and the applications we use on them. […]

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Page 5 of Restaurant Owners Uncorked part II: Rayme Rossello

Rayme Rossello owns Comida, which has three locations and a food truck. ┬áHere she discusses dealing with the reality of food trucks, and working through the natural fear that comes with starting a restaurant… Want to read more of Rayme’s comments on fear and other topics? You can grab a copy of Restaurant Owners Uncorked […]

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Our new book is available on Amazon

We’re super proud to publish “Restaurant Owners Uncorked part II: twenty-one owners share their stories.” It’s an inspiring, educational, easy read, featuring interviews with 21 owners of independent restaurants. All of them are Schedulefly customers, and they were all very generous with their time, as well as honest and authentic in our conversations about how […]

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