Ooze Passion

Last week I visited two places for the first time. One was an amazing experience, so I'm happy to reveal that it was a Rita's here in Charlotte, NC. The second place was a locally owned "healthy hamburgers" joint. I won't reveal the name. We'll just call it "Healthy Burgers."At Rita's, I walked up to... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Presidential Visit

This is really cool. One of our customers sent us a note this morning [see below]. The President, the First Lady and some friends made an unexpected visit for dinner this past weekend at their restaurant - the Corner Kitchen in Asheville NC. Apparently a call was made by someone saying they wanted to reserve... Continue Reading →

A Three Man Show…

Recently on an online forum, somebody posted this about Schedulefly: "It seems like a one man show." The connotation is that being a one man show is a bad thing. And maybe if your software is complicated and your customers need a lot of help, then perhaps that is a bad thing. How could you... Continue Reading →

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