Coffee Shops Tend To Dig Our Stuff

Coffee shops often have relatively young, web-savvy staff members and managers. They Blog, they Twitter, they Facebook, etc. And their customers do too – it’s all part of the experience of getting stuff done while you hang out in a coffee shop and not in an office. Been in any coffee shop lately that did not have 4 people on Macs, 3 on iPads, and always a few cool people wannabes (like me) on Dell laptops? Point is – these businesses are technology hubs – makes sense their staff would rather check their schedule online vs on an Excel sheet or worse – hanging on the wall! It seems coffee shops also find value in simple tools – just like their products. They typically don’t need fancy software with complicated rules that require end-user training – just easy tools with a friendly, familiar interface.

Just like the folks at Elevate Coffee in Phoenix, AZ and Casablanca Coffee in Nashville, TN. As of a few weeks ago, life got a little easier for their staff and managers who, no doubt, have loads of other things going in their life besides work. Last thing they have time for is making phone calls related to their schedule or driving by the shop to see when they work. Just like many of their customers who swing by each morning to say hello and grab some caffeine – they hop online each morning, read messages from colleagues, trade shifts, request time off etc. It just make so much more sense for the staff. It fits their life.

Ok, this is random for this post but all this talk about technology and social sites where people communicate made me think of The Office episode where Ryan describes his new site called Woof. Did you see it? Hilarious. Check it out.

Keepin’ It Simple and Fun,
The Schedulefly Crew