Thank You Schedulefly Users. You Started a Movement!

Schedulefly users, watch this fun 3-minute video clip when you have a chance, because you’ve started a movement just like this…

You are all the equivalents of the “first follower.” As the moderator points out, there is no movement without the first follower. We were the “lone nuts” dancing around in the field, waving our arms and trying to convince people that we have a simple restaurant staff scheduling solution that can make their lives easier. All of you were ahead of the curve and you believed we might be right, so you had the courage to follow us. It’s because of you that we are not lone nuts any longer, but rather we are part of a movement that was started and is being lead by all of you!

The cool thing is that the movement is still in its early stages. Right now it’s just two of us (we’re “shirtless guy” and you are the “first follower”). Because while over 50,000 individuals have joined the movement, we believe that millions will in the coming years. That’s why our web site is full of pictures and videos of YOU. You are the most important part of the movement – the spark to our flint. And you are the one that others will follow.

So thank you for being brave enough to walk down the hill and join us. We know it’s going to be a fun movement to be a part of for many years!

The Schedulefly Crew