Some minor (but still cool) Schedulefly updates

We’ve been working on a few small updates to our software that I’d thought I’d share.

Fly Notes Enhancement
Fly Notes are used by managers in Schedulefly to communicate with each other about things happening weekly at the restaurant – grouped into categories like todos, customers feedback, staff issues, repairs and maintenance etc. We’ve added a new set of tabs at the top of the page, calling out how many notes are on each day that week, to make it easier to see upcoming fly notes. Screenshot below…

Message Wall Broadcast Options
The Message Wall in Schedulefly is where all staff communicate about everything inside and outside of the restaurant. Managers have always had an option to broadcast important or time-sensitive wall messages out to staff via email and text message. Before now, a “broadcast” would automatically be emailed AND texted to all message recipients. Over time we learned that sometimes a manager needs to send a longer message out to staff which is well suited for an email broadcast, but maybe not for a text message. On the other hand, sometimes a quick important short message needs to be sent only to staff via text message, without redundantly sending the message to the recipient’s email address. Now the manager can choose the delivery method when broadcasting a message out to staff. He or she can send it as a text message, an email or both. Screen shot below…

Birthday Shout-outs
We now prominently call out staff birthdays on the Home page for all staff to see, with an easy way to send the person a birthday wish on their big day! Screen shot below…

Staff Photo Gallery
We added a simpler, more fun way to look at (or learn about) everyone at work. It’s a list of everyone’s photos grouped by position.

Social Media Page Icons
Schedulefly users with access to the “Settings” page can now add links to their company Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare pages. If the sites are added, we display the icons on the Home tab that link to the pages for everyone on the team to see. Screen shot below….

The Schedulefly Crew