My 5-year old son reminded me how awesome it is to follow your passions…

Last week I watched my son spend several hours on the beach learning to skim board.

I’ll be honest, when we bought him the board I figured he would toss it 5-10 times, fall every time, decide it was too hard, and move onto something else. I’m happy to admit he proved me way wrong. By my calculations he made around 250 tosses in one morning. Over and over and over. Up and down the beach. Back and forth. Back and forth. Again, and again, and again.

And it was so fun to watch, because while he did fall 75% of the time the first 150 or so tosses, he had a determined look in his eyes and I knew he was going to keep at it. Fall after fall after fall he would simply get up and try again. By the last 30 minutes of his morning, he was consistently making good tosses and having successful rides like you see in this vid.

It reminded me how awesome it is once you find something you are passionate about. A hobby. An instrument. A sport. A business. A relationship. Passion drives you to be your best, do your best, make your best, create your best, give your best. It’s a beautiful thing.

My hope for my children is that they pursue things they are passionate about personally and professionally and in very aspect of their lives. I finally learned to do that and I could never imagine living any other way at this point.

Life is short. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Follow your passions!