The Schedulefly "App" for all web phones

I have a Schedulefly “app” icon on my iPhone that says “fly.” Here’s what it looks like…

Many of you also have this icon on your phone, and you assume it’s an app from the app store. It’s not. It’s our mobile web site, which works on any web-enabled phone. Unlike an actual “native” app, you never have to download any updates because they are made by us here at Schedulefly without you having to do anything.

All you have to do to have this same icon on your phone is…

1. go to
2. enter your username and password
3. check the box to stay signed in
4. login
5. follow your phone’s steps to save the icon to your Home screen

It’s that easy. And you’ll love having all you need in Schedulefly just one finger tap away.