Schedulefly Podcast with Wil and Wes

Wil and I recently started a podcast that was inspired by years of communication we’ve had back and forth via voice notes. Instead of bothering each other with phone calls – we almost always send voice notes. In fact – we were laughing today when we realized we have not talked live to each other in a few years. Heck – I’ve not seen Wil in person nearly 5 years. 99.99% of the voice notes are unimportant anyway and really don’t require a disruptive phone call. They are usually rambling thoughts and comments about Schedulefly, customers, prospects and life in general. Most of them are just cheer-leading kinds of things to fire each other up – like something great we heard someone say about us or something tired like a template style sales pitch from the office of a venture capitalist. The podcast is similar, although we are trying to keep the topics we discuss a tad more focused and not all over the place – as we often are in voice notes.

Anyway – we thought some of you might like to hear us talk about why we do things the way we do – and of course why we don’t do many things too.

Here is the podcast on iTunes